New Release: Whiskey Secrets

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Their world is collapsing! 
Prohibition has reached its tentacles into the hollows of Tennessee. It’s no secret Tom Tanner’s Tennessee Whiskey heirs are playing both sides of the law to save their livelihood—the challenge is not getting caught.

Tom Tanner Kittrell risks life and limb to protect his family’s legacy in a deadly gamble. Will Cammie Johnson, his beautiful neighbor, with temperance vigilante ties, reveal his secret?

Dillon Tanner, hell-bent on revenge after being wrongly accused, abducts pretty flapper, Lily Stonecipher, hoping she holds the key to who’s behind a takeover attempt. 

Kit Kittrell yearns to experience the freedom of the roaring twenties, from the thrill of speakeasies to the daring of bootlegging. Will town bad boy, Alex Stooksbury, step in to rescue her from certain disaster?

As the public’s thirst for spirits remains unquenchable, their lives and loves become inextricably entangled in the prohibition era.     

New Release: Whiskey Love

New Release: Whiskey Love

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She’s a headstrong Bostonian.
When proud and beautiful, Chloe Tanner, inherits her family’s famous Tennessee distillery—she’s determined to save her legacy from looming disaster. Her troubles can be traced back to one man. The man whose very presence is more intoxicating to her than whiskey.
He’s a laid-back Tennessean.
No one disputes handsome Penland Kittrell’s expertise in all things whiskey. But Pen can’t make heads or tails of his new neighbor and business rival; an undeniable attraction tainted by her connections to powerful Eastern moguls and tycoons she moves among.
It’s a whiskey war they both want to win.
Passions ignite between Chloe and Pen in this deadly tangle against revenuers, moonshiners, and robber barons who all try and come between them and their whiskey where the real gold is amber nectar. Are they willing to lose their hearts to each other in this gilded age whiskey war they both want to win?


“Whiskey Love is a historical romance with heat, whiskey, rivalries, and a love worth savoring.”

Their love of whiskey ignites a passion so strong, it threatens to destroy their rival distilleries. Chloe Tanner inherits her grandfather’s successful distillery. She puts her trust in the wrong people and almost bankrupts her family business. If not for rival distiller Penland Kittrell’s sage advice, she’d be lost. Upon their first meeting, Chloe loses her heart to handsome Pen. He treats her as an equal, both in and out of the bedroom. But as rivals, can they overcome outside forces trying to tear them apart? Will the love they share evaporate into thin air or will they merge together to form an unbreakable bond no one can sever?

Whiskey Love is a historical romance with heat, whiskey, rivalries, and a love worth savoring. I have to admit, I’m a whiskey/bourbon drinker. I’ve heard about the whiskey wars but in Whiskey Love, history comes alive. Joy Allyson writes an intoxicating enemies-to-lovers romance I couldn’t put down. The setting is expertly described with historical accuracy so vibrant, that I plunged into the story. I connected with Chloe right away. She’s an independent, passionate heroine who goes after what she wants. Pen is a hero you’ll adore who also goes after what he wants. It was great fun to watch this couple fall in love and destroy their enemies. The plot moves at a quick pace with immersive POVs, so you truly become part of the story. The romance is good, yet I thought they hopped into bed too quickly. The conflicts that arise were realistic and kept me turning the pages. The historical accuracy and the whiskey are what make this a terrific read. If you’re a romance reader, pick up Whiskey Love. If historical romance is your reading jam, pick up Whiskey Love. I look forward to reading more from this author. Highly recommend!

– N.N. Light

Promo Trailer: Whiskey Love

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